Uncover opportunity

Strategy, Design & Innovation Consulting

We design new products, services, and experiences that create unique value and unleash growth opportunities for startups to large enterprises.

Avoid wasted time, frustration, and misdirected resources before your next implementation.

We have a passion for reducing waste by using design-thinking to identify value-creating opportunities for improvement and using lean experimentation to test assumptions. We work with you to explore core needs and cost-effective solutions that deliver results and inspire culture change.


Targeted and practical strategic recommendations 


Innovation strategy & design support from an external perspective


Project-based innovation consulting and advisory


Problem-Solution-Technology matching

Innovation is about finding and executing great ideas that create unique value.




Human-centered. Outcome-oriented. Experiment-led.

1.  Discover core problems & opportunities

We start with gathering a deep understanding of the problem and those it touches. We parter with you to design a strategy for maximum impact which includes:

2.  Design solution blueprint

Utilizing our collective competencies and experiences, we map out the opportunity & blueprint the ideas and experiments needed to guide the strategic direction. Some questions to answer: 

3.  Assess, test and learn

Starting with the most critical risks - we explore, investigate, and validate the levers to change by conducting real-world lean experiments to reduce uncertainty. 

By building the minimum effective experiment to learn, we strive to maximize impact faster while utilizing fewer resources.


About Us

We are a minority and woman-owned innovation consulting team headquartered in Chicago, IL. We provide world-class project-based innovation, strategy, and design consulting services to clients of all sizes. We care passionately about helping clients realize (and operationalize) big ideas, grow their business, and find the right technology to enable their strategic goals.

We are innovation professionals and leaders with competencies that scale along the core tenets of design thinking; bringing you a true intersection of disciplines for maximum impact. 

Our problem-solving toolkit

(certified agile practitioners)
including Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Industries served

(payers, providers, hospitals, universities and other healthcare systems)